10 things you can be doing during lockdown to boost your presenting career

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10 things you can be doing during lockdown to boost your presenting career

Across the world, we’re being told to stay at home and practice ‘social distancing’ in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic. The switch from your everyday busy and routine life to one indoors all day can be a bit of a shock and as tempting as it is to watch Netflix back to back, this time can be used to kick-start your presenting career and prepare for post-lockdown.

So here are 10 things you can do to stay motivated during lockdown.

  • Start your YouTube channel or filming videos at home, people will be craving content especially those with children.
  • Work on your social media, creating engaging content and attracting new followers.
  • Make sure all your casting profiles and websites are current, up to date and on brand.
  • Update your CV and Show reel, contact productions for any footage you’ve not received.
  • Write to producers, casting directors and agents, many of them won’t be busy at the moment so will have time to read your email, watch your reel and reply.
  • Listen and watch motivational content, Podcasts, YouTube Videos.
  • Watch and research the TV shows you want to work for. You would be amazed the amount of presenters who want to present on some of the top TV shows, but they don’t know who the current presenters are or the format.
  • Work on your talent and skills, do some online training. We have plenty of online training available on your podcasts, YouTube channel, virtual sessions, Online Diploma or our 1 to 1 session.
  • Mediate, always good for your mind so you can focus. Headspace is a really good app to use.
  • Read autobiographies, they’re so inspirational and provide some of the most valuable lessons in life.

This Saturday we’ll be hosting a live & interactive tv presenter training session where I’ll be covering:

  • Techniques to make your presenting look natural, engaging and super confident on video.
  • How to avoid common mistakes and make your brand stand out from your competition.
  • Running your business virtually & Creating online content.
  • Platforms to upload your videos, self-shooting, equipment to use at home and using social media.
  • Working in a TV show or Live TV Show.
  • How to find work, market yourself, agents and creating a show reel.
  • Q&A session and open discussion.

During lockdown these sessions will be free, but spaces are limited so make sure you reserve your space HERE.