How to create a radio demo

Radio Presenter Demo

How to create a radio demo

Creating your radio demo is one of the most important jobs when you’re looking to get into radio presenting. Your radio demo needs to first grab the attention of the listener and then keep them listening for as long as possible while showcasing your talent as a presenter. Producers or programme controllers want to hear your voice, your style, and your personality on the microphone.

Here are some essential tips for creating your radio demo

  1. Research the radio station you’re applying to and make your demo is specific to that role and the stations style and format. There is no point sending in a demo that is speech based if the station you’re applying to is music based. For example, a local BBC radio station can be very different to a music-based station such as KISS FM or Capital. You may have to create separate demos for different roles you’re applying to.
  2. Make sure your best work is first. This is going to help grab the attention of who’s listening. Most demos are only listened to for the first 10/20 seconds before the producer/programme controller has made their mind up about you. So make sure you start by making a big impression.
  3. Keep your radio demo around 2-3 minutes long, no longer. producers/programme controllers are busy people and only have very limited time to listen.
  4. Don’t include travel or weather reporting on your radio demo. Unless you’re specifically applying for a travel or weather reporter role.
  5. Think about what’s going to make you stand out from your competition. What is your USP (unique selling point) as a radio presenter? What value do you offer that they can’t find with any other presenter? What is your greatest strength, and the major benefit your audience will get from it.
  6. Consider having on your radio demo you talking about another show. As a radio presenter it’s part of your job to sell other radio shows on your station so this is something radio producers like to hear.
  7. Send your radio demo via a SoundCloud link to potential producers and not as an MP3 file. Not only are MP3 files big to send via email, but they can also clog up the receiver’s email. So, not a great way to start a relationship.
  8. Keep your jingles and idents to a minimum. The producer wants to hear you. In between your links you have a simple woosh sound just to separate them.
  9. Edit out any music, 2-3 seconds of music is enough to include in your link.
  10. If you have audio of you working with a co-host, keep this to a minimum and make sure it’s clear to the listener who you are.
  11. Having an interview on your demo is a great skill to show off, but again make sure this showcases more of you than your guest.
  12. Keep your radio demo updated, a producer can tell if your demo is dated if you’re speaking about events or items that are years old. If this is the case, they may think you’re out of work or a bit rusty.
  13. Make sure you demonstrate in your demo that you can start and finish a link.
  14. Make sure in your demo you’re showcasing all your different skills. If it all sounds the same, chances are the person listening will get board and will turn off. Include things like, your storytelling, promoting an event, any live callers and forward selling any features.
  15. Always follow up and ask for feedback. Programme controllers and producers are very busy but, make sure you follow up and keep them updated with new content. Work on building a good relationship. This way they will know how keen you are and working on your talent, it’s also more likely they are going to remember you when a position becomes available.

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