How to Maintain Momentum During the Festive Holidays 

How to Maintain Momentum During the Festive Holidays 

How to Maintain Momentum During the Festive Holidays 

The business is winding down for the festive holidays it’s also a hectic, emotionally charged season that presents some real challenges while we still face some uncertainty due to the pandemic. The holiday season can be a time for reflection and a welcome change. So here are some things you can do if you’re looking to maintain some momentum.


  1. Create a business plan:


The most successful presenters we’ve worked with have created a business plan. Studies show that those who write down their goals have an 80% higher success rate of achieving them. If you don’t have goals or a target it’s incredibly hard to hit it. Use the ‘SMART’ tool – specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented, and time-limited. Create a vision board and make sure you can see it often. Break it down month by month and give yourself deadlines. Once you have committed to do something and have a date, you are far more likely to it rather than having an idea in your head.


  1. Look for new representation:


If you’re a presenter looking for new representation, between Christmas and New Year might be one of the best times to research agencies. Often, agents aren’t as busy with auditions so, you might have a better chance of them watching your demo reel. Remember our golden rules when reaching out to talent agents. Check out our blog “How to get a presenter agent with Karen-Witchalls Plunkett”.


  1. Update your casting website & CV:


You’ve been too busy all year to update your casting website and CV. Out with the old and in with the new, time to make sure you’re all up to date and on-brand before the auditions start flooding in the New Year. So, set some time aside to update your profiles with headshots, credits, and a fresh bio.


  1. Update or create your own website:


Having your own website is saying that you take yourself and your career as a presenter seriously. Your website should include your publicity photos, a Bio that reflects brand you and your expertise. A list of your credits/experience and your showreel. Have links to your YouTube channel, other online profiles, social media, and past projects or appearances.

Domian names can be purchased from registrars such as 123-reg, Go Daddy, and Domain.com. Websites can be created easily and affordably with website builder packages like Square Space Wix, WordPress, Moonfruit, 1and1.


  1. Re-edit your showreel:


Give your showreel a freshen up, take out all the old footage that no longer serves you and update with some new content. This ensures that your showreel is up to date and ready to send out when you see a casting to apply for. Too many times we see out-of-date showreels or messages from presenters who want to apply for a casting but haven’t had time to update their reel. Showreels should be updated whenever you have new footage but certainly every year to show that you’re current.


  1. Listen and watch motivational content:


Do you have big dreams, but lack the willpower to get up and go? If you’re in need of some motivation or struggling with some bad habits. There are so many podcasts and YouTube videos that can help. The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes and The Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial are 2 of our favourites.


  1. Take time to research:


Watch and research the TV shows you want to work for. You would be amazed by the number of presenters who want to present on some of the top TV shows, but they don’t know who the current presenters are or the format. Spend some time researching the shows and productions you want to work on. Look at who the producers are and who is in charge of recruiting the talent.


  1. Read autobiographies and self-help books:


Autobiographies are so inspirational and provide some of the most valuable lessons in life from others. Self-help books are another effective way of learning new life skills, like assertiveness, problem-solving and even tidiness. Paul Mckenna Change Your Life In 7 Days is a great book with a 7 day plan of action if you’re in need of some momentum. Check out more our favourite picks on our recommended reads https://presenteracademy.com/equipment-category/recommended-reading/


  1. Start YouTube or TikTok:


If you’ve been putting off starting your YouTube channel, TikTok or filming videos at home, this might be the perfect time to start. Lots of creatives have used TikTok in the last year have now become household names such as singer Nathan Evans who this time last year was a postman and a few weeks later delivered his own number 1 and actress Hannah Lowther who started making musicals on the platform from her supermarket job during the pandemic. Overnight success you might think? Both these creatives were working hard behind the scenes for some time, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you might get “lucky”. If you have any Christmas vouchers why not invest in some new equipment? We have a list on our website of some of our recommended equipment if you need help getting started. https://presenteracademy.com/equipment-category/


  1. Work on your talent and skills:


New Year is the perfect time to do some extra training or up-skilling. Add to your existing knowledge and skills sets to keep up with new trends. Think about some of the skills you feel you might be lacking to get yourself further up that career ladder or perhaps, it’s a new skill that will help you break away from the 9-5 job that’s currently paying the bills but preventing you from doing more presenting or creative work. If it’s presentation skills training you need, we have plenty of online training available from our online training courses and 1 to 1 sessions.