Presenter Academy’s Presenter Training Featuring right now on BBC iPlayer

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Presenter Academy’s Presenter Training Featuring right now on BBC iPlayer

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In November 2019, we were known as TV Training Academy, no one had heard of megxid and any mention of  the “C” word meant something else! BBC’s documentary program Young, Welsh & Pretty Minted approached us to train YouTube star Daniel ‘Gonth’ Gonthier from Vlogger to Sports Presenter.

The documentary series followers young Welsh entrepreneurs earning a living through a variety of unconventional means including 26-year-old YouTube star ‘Gonth”.

Gonth spent a day at Pinewood Studios working and mastering his presenter skills with our Founder and Director Brian Naylor, who is referred in the BBC programme as ‘The TV Media Guru’. During the day, Gonth learned how to present to camera for TV, read autocue, work to time, interview a guest all while taking instructions from a director via talk-back earpiece. These are all valuable skills needed in preparation for him to make his career move into sports presenting. A somewhat different style of presenting known to the YouTube Vlogger and Influencer who has over 2 million subscribers on this channel.

The following day, he joined award-winning TV & Radio presenter Gemma-Leigh James on her live breakfast show. This meant Gonth had to start working at the early time of 6am which he had admitted he usually enjoys his mid-day lie in’s.

Gonth is doing exceptionally well for himself. He’s still making content on his YouTube and is now signed to Digital Sports Management.

The episode was first broadcast back in February 2020 and then replayed on BBC 1 during the first lockdown. But, we’ve had a few messages to say it’s back on BBC iPlayer. So, if you missed the episode first and second time round, you can catch up via iplayer series 2, episode 6. The link below will take you to the show, but you will have to sign in.


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