What are the qualities of a good presenter?

What are the qualities of a good presenter

What are the qualities of a good presenter?

In the course of running our TV presenter training, there’s one question that comes up time and time again – what makes a good presenter ? It’s a natural question to consider, as those asking it are simply wondering whether they have the necessary qualities to reach the promised land of having presenting skills that engage and clearly convey a message to the audience.

So, if that’s a question you’re currently pondering, we thought we would give you a definitive answer in the form of this blog. Here we’ll be covering the question in fine detail, as we provide 10 characteristics that you should be aiming to exude in any presentation you give.

By reading to the end, you’ll have a much better idea about whether you need presenting skills training  to develop your aptitude. So, if you’re sitting comfortably and you’ve got your notebook ready, let’s get started.

What are the qualities of a good presenter?

Quality 1. Confidence – When was the last time you saw a good presenter who wasn’t confident? That’s right, they don’t really exist, as confidence goes hand in hand with effective presentation. Confidence comes from being sure of the subject and properly prepped, so make sure you do your homework and this often elusive quality will be yours.

Quality 2. Charm & Charisma -Your presenting skills  are greatly enhanced when you’re able to be charming and charismatic. Closely linked to confidence, it’s a handy talent to develop as a presenter, as you’ll be able to draw in your audience and build rapport and trust at the same time.

Quality 3. Dedication & Passion – What many people forget when asking what makes a good presenter  is that the TV industry is a very competitive one, so the qualities required don’t always relate to your presenting skills . What IS always required is tenacity, dedication and passion – not just for the subject matter but also in your overall approach to everything you do.

Quality 4. Authenticity – As a TV presenter, there’s perhaps nothing more important than being yourself, because when you’re not being true to who you are, you’re going to lose some authenticity. You’re not an actor playing a character, so let your own personality and passions shine through in your presenting skills .

Quality 5. Understanding the audience -This is a quality that either comes naturally or needs to be worked upon with research, as it’s one that relates to understanding your audience and what their pain points are. A certain amount of empathy is required, but this needs to be backed up by hard work and a passion for doing the job right.

Quality 6. Enthusiastic – Another vital factor that presenters need to inject into their work is enthusiasm. It’s not something you can really do without, as all of your other presenting skills  rest upon it. No one wants to listen to a boring, lifeless presentation, so if you’re feeling tired beforehand, have a coffee and you’ll be able to deliver your message with the requisite gusto!

Quality 7. Relaxed and keep calm under pressure – What is it they say? “Never work with children or animals?” – well its an old adage that points towards the fact that things go wrong, particularly when broadcasting live. Technical glitches, late guests and others who won’t behave on set are not unheard of, so an ability to remain calm when others aren’t is a key talent you’ll need.

Quality 8. An active listener – When you’re interviewing a guest on your show, all eyes are on you and the interviewee, so if you’re not listening to the answers they’re giving you properly, it’s going to stick out like a sore thumb. It’s one of the most important qualities a TV presenter needs, as it’s integral to building the rapport you need for your guest to open up.

Quality 9. Good communication skills – It’s not surprising that good communication is on our list of necessary presenting skills , as all presentations call for a clear and easy-to-comprehend voice. It’s a tricky skill to master when broadcasting live, as there’s a fair amount of pressure on you, but good presenters will always channel this energy to bolster their performance in a confident way.

Quality 10. Good team player – Typically speaking, a TV crew will contain a tight-knit group of professionals, all supporting each other in their work. As the face of this crew, a presenter needs to be able to work well with others – again often under intense pressure. In terms of presenting skills  – it’s right up there.

What Makes a Good Presenter ? Training!

So, there you have it – 10 qualities that any good presenter will need to have. If you’ve read to the end and you feel that you’re lacking any of those described, the good news is that all of the above can be worked on with high quality presenting skills training .

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That’s it from us for this time. We’ll see you again soon.