Presenting: On Screen, Online & On Television

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Presenting: On Screen, Online & On Television

Essential training on core camera presenting skills that will boost your confidence and professionalism to a whole new level. You’ll gain valuable insight into how you can become an expert on-screen communicator and use the tools of the trade, including Autocue, Talkback, Interviewing techniques and Ad libbing effortlessly. 

Discover all the essential methods and techniques that will allow you to present on video effortlessly. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to make writing scripts easy, to create interesting and engaging interviews and film content at home or in the office to the highest possible standards.

This ground-breaking training programme also covers key elements for anyone looking to break into the world of Youtube, Podcasting, TV or Radio and includes industry insight on how to brand yourself, write CV’s, make showreels and includes a step by step guide on how to get paid presenting work.

This unique system can also be used for live video sessions, sales videos or business presentations helping you become a confident, assertive and influencial on screen communicator.

Each module includes a combination of video, audio and written content that you can master at your convenience and at the end of the modules there are practical exercises and automated quizzes to ensure you have gained the practical skills needed and a solid knowledge foundation.

Is it for everyone?

This fully automated programme is for anyone who will be presenting or talking in front of a camera and feels that their performance is sometimes:

  • Lacking credibility or assertiveness
  • Low in energy, enthusiasm or confidence
  • Not a true representation of thier personality or expertise
  • Insincere, unfriendly or fake
  • Hard to watch, not very interesting and even boring

This course is for anyone who wants to gain a new level of confidence and professionalism in their presenting.

What will you gain?

After completing this training programme you’ll have a thorough knowledge and understanding, as well as practical skills, to:​

  • Talk to the camera in a natural and engaging way
  • Overcome performance anxiety and nerves
  • Significantly increase your confidence and credibility
  • Use all the ‘tools of the trade’
  • Understand how to brand yourself and stand out from the crowd to get work as a presenter