Equipment you may need for home filming

During our training courses, many people ask us what equipment we use when self-shooting and what we recommend for those starting out.

Below is a collection of the equipment we recommend and, to make life even easier, a link to order them straight from Amazon.

Along with this, if you’re new to self-shooting/filming and you want to avoid some of the common mistakes, why not download our complimentary self-shooting guides and basic filming tips guide:



It’s important to have a nice clean, uncluttered background when shooting your videos if you’re unable to use a plain wall, using a white screen creates a professional backdrop for filming videos or self-tapes. Green screen gives you the flexibility to chroma key any background behind you. You can use a single colored background or have an image or video behind you. It's important when filming with a green screen that you get an even and consistent shade of green to film against, therefore we recommend the 'Pop Ups' as they automatically stretch out and remove any creases. Quick and easy to use. For more tips on how to using Green Screen see our blog.


If you want to start getting serious about video and film making there are various cameras and DSLR to suit your budget.


There are a variety of different options when it comes to lighting. Basic 3 point lighting will help reduce shadows and ensure you are well lit adding to the professionalism of your videos. Whereas, if you're looking for a higher standard of lighting that can keep up with lots of regular filming then LED lighting is the best option for you. Take a look at our lighting recommendations here.


Never underestimate the importance of having a microphone, Sound accounts for 50% of the overall professional 'look' of your videos so it's well worth investing in a quality mic. Internal 'in build' microphones on mobile phones or smart devices aren't great and can often leave your audio sounding echoey or tinny. So, it's best to purchase an external microphone. *Always check that the microphone you’re purchasing has the correct adapter for your phone. You might need to purchase an additional adapter.


Sending your showreel or Voice reel direct to a Producer or Agent is a great way to get noticed. Here are some helpful items to get you noticed.

Camera Accessories

There are lots of accessories which can help improve the quality of your filming. From tripods and steadicams to help keep your camera steady or if you need to appear in your own video to cases to take your equipment safe and tidy.

Presenter Accessories

There are lots of accessories for presenters including sound proofing, teleprompter devices, earpieces for talk-back, hand-held recording devices for on the go recording and make up.

Good Reading

These recommended reads are to help inspire you and help your career. Some of them are self-help books and autobiographies all of which have been read by us. ​There are also a couple of books featured that our previous clients have written!

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