Top 3 Tips for Perfect Presenting On Video

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What You’ll Get In This Course


A solid approach that will allow you to talk to the camera in a natural and confident way using tonality, expression and emphasize to ensure your key messages land every time.


Movement techniques that will give you an assertive and professional stance increasing your on-screen credibility and authority.


Discover how to easily maintain eye contact with the lens and gain trust from an audience. Also, when to look away from the lens without losing connection with the viewer.

Three Top Tips For Perfect Performance – Guaranteed!

How do you engage better with your audience? How do you convey confidence on-screen? What are the common mistakes made by presenters?  Our mini-course tells you how in 3 simple steps

1: Performance
2: Movement
3: Eyes

What People Are Saying

“It has been a tremendous experience to follow the Presenter Academy Diploma and I really do appreciate all you do. It has been and is extremely helpful for my work and also the pleasure of following the programme and trying things out. Your online session on Saturday was very informative and excellent to hear all the tips from Helen and Gemma.”

Chris Hadfield

“Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the Online Presenter Course, I’m learning so much from doing it and already have have the confidence and knowledge to pursue my presenting journey. Thank You!”

Rebecca White

“Just wanted to say a BIG thank you both for keeping me motivated and inspired with your amazing videos, truly grateful! Love your energy and enthusiasm.”


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We also have a range of in depth online e-courses to take your presenting skills to the next level. You can study at your own pace, completing quizzes, coursework and practical tasks which you upload for assessment by our team of professional directors.

Online Video Presenting

Discover how to put yourself in front of the camera, feel super confident, connect with your audience and create engaging content for yourself or your business.

TV Presenting

Our award winning team will take you step-by-step through this ground-breaking training programme designed for those looking to start a career in TV presenting

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