5 Crucial Factors That Draw Viewers to Your Presenting Style

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5 Crucial Factors That Draw Viewers to Your Presenting Style

Presenting skills  come naturally to some, but not to others. You’ll know a natural, confident presenter when you see one, as they are easy to listen to, comfortable in their own skin and able to transmit their message clearly to everyone in the room. On the other hand, when someone isn’t a confident presenter, it’s just as obvious – if not more so – with uncertainty and awkwardness affecting every word.


The importance of effective presentation  in a business setting can’t really be underestimated, as you’ve typically only got a few seconds to impress. As a presenter, your job is to keep your viewers watching, captivated by the information you’re delivering – not distracted by being made to feel uncomfortable by a clunky, nervous presentation style.


So, to help you in this regard, we look at 5 crucial factors that influence how well your presentations are engaged with. By reading to the end, you’ll have a clearer idea about why it’s important to focus on not just what you say, but very much how you say it.


Factor #1 – Rapport


A major reason why we’re all so interested in how people feel about what’s being said is because we want to see if they’re similar to us. Do they have the same sense of humour? Do they have the same values as us? These relationships are built on rapport and trust, so your style needs to encourage it – something that presentation skills training  can help with.


As they say, a picture paints a thousand words, meaning that a lot can be ascertained by watching someone speak in person. Good presenters seem to naturally have this rapport-building ability in abundance.


Factor #2 – Charm & Charisma


Charm and charisma are two desirable character traits that go hand in hand. This ‘super power’ is one all presenters strive for, but how do you do that? Some people are born with it, whereas others have taken time to master how to be themselves without any insecurities and hang-ups. When trying to develop your presenting skills  in this way, it’s important not to try and please everyone, all of the time.


Charming, charismatic people are above such things and have no need to impress anyone or make anyone like them. They don’t have to try too hard – which can come across as desperate. That’s not to say you shouldn’t work hard, as proper prep is key to feeling relaxed enough to let your charisma shine through.


Factor #3 – Authenticity Rules, So Be Yourself!


Effective presentation  also rests upon the authenticity of the presenter, so it’s not advisable to try and copy anyone else and replicate what they offer. You may see a confident speaker and think “I’m going to do the same and try that style”, but you really shouldn’t.


Whether plying your trade on TV or as a conference presenter, you have to be yourself. Your own individual style is your key asset, so develop that, rather than trying to create a facsimile of someone else’s public persona. The best presenters aren’t pretending, they’re being.


Factor #4 – Energy & Enthusiasm


If you’re being you when you present, the only aspect of yourself that needs any kind of performance is the energy and enthusiasm that you transmit. Perhaps the report you’re giving is not something you’re particularly passionate or excited about, but the viewer doesn’t know this.


The bottom line is that if you’re not able to inject enthusiasm and energy into your presenting skills  – regardless of the topic being covered – you can’t expect your audience to feel it either.


Factor #5 – Everything With a Smile


Another key characteristic possessed by the overwhelming majority of great presenters is a warm and welcoming nature. Having a smile on your face naturally puts others at ease, with people relating to you much better when affection is shown. Even when presenting on radio, you can actually hear when someone is smiling and they’ll usually start the program with ‘hello and welcome’.


If you’re insincere or not transmitting a welcoming demeanour, your audience isn’t going to trust you or what you’re saying. Fortunately, this vital factor is one of the easiest ones to get right.


Developing Your Own Presenting Skills


So, as we can see, while knowing your subject inside out will help your presentation style, there’s much more to it than that. You need to be confident, welcoming, charismatic and above all, yourself. The great news is that effective presentation  is achievable by anyone with the right presentation skills training .


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